SSID jlab - Linux Configuration

Jefferson Lab (JLab) does not support using wireless on linux laptops. However,if you are currently running Linux on a laptop and plan to use a wireless network connection, please use the following info. As each Linux distribution is different, the instructions below are just generic information. You will need to determine where to use this information on your Linux system.

Adding a Wireless Connection

In order to connect your Linux machine to the JLab wireless network, you will need to follow these steps

  • Wireless now uses a Symantec certificate for SSID 'jlab'.  Most operating systems already have the Symantec/VeriSign Root Certificates needed to validate the wireless certificate.  If your OS does not have them, you can download the Symantec/VeriSign Root Package here.
    • Make sure all downloaded certificates are in your trusted certificates
  • Use your wireless network manager and select the 'jlab' network
    • The security type is WPA2 Enterprise
    • The encryption type is AES
    • The network uses PEAP
    • Under PEAP settings, you will need to specify that you do not want to use your local credentials to log in

Once this is complete, you will need to register your device in the Machine/Device Registration database and wait while the network adds your hardware address to the list of approved machines. *

*-Special note - It is confirmed that when using Chrome on Linux you cannot access our Machine/Device Registration page. Please do not use Chrome until after you have successfully registered. (Firefox is confirmed to work.)