SSID jlab_guest - Mac Configuration

** use these instructions starting on February 7, 2011 **

Adding a Wireless Connection for 'jlab_guest'

Mac OS X (10.6.x)

  • Click the Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Network -> Airport
    • at the bottom of the box - if you see, "Click the lock to make changes", please do so
  • Click Advanced...
    • look through the "Preferred Networks" list and delete any instances of jlab_guest
  • Click the + sign
  • In the "Network Name" field enter the value jlab_guest
  • In the "Security" field select WPA2 Personal
  • In the "Password" field enter the passphrase found here
  • Click Add -> Click OK -> Click Apply
  • In the "Network Name" field select jlab_guest - the "Status field should change to Connected
    • if you are asked to enter the passphrase again, please do so
  • If this is the first time your device is connecting to the JLab network, you will be redirected to our registration page when you open a web browser


If you are having difficulties connecting please call or visit the IT Division Help Desk.