SSID jlab_guest - Linux Configuration

** use these instructions starting on February 7, 2011 **

Jefferson Lab (JLab) does not support using wireless on linux laptops. However,if you are currently running Linux on a laptop and plan to use a wireless network connection, please use the following info. As each Linux distribution is different, the instructions below are just generic information. You will need to determine where to use this information on your Linux system.

Adding a Wireless Connection for 'jlab_guest'

Linux (generic instructions)

  • Use your wireless network manager and select the jlab_guest network
  • The security type is WPA2-Personal or WPA2-PSK
  • The encryption type is AES
  • The passphrase can be found here
  • If this is the first time your device is connecting to the JLab network, you will be redirected to our registration page when you open a web browser *


If you are having difficulties connecting please call or visit the IT Division Help Desk.

*-Special note - It is confirmed that when using Chrome on Linux you cannot access our Machine/Device Registration page. Please do not use Chrome until after you have successfully registered. (Firefox is confirmed to work.)