Windows Dial-in

The Computing and Networking Infrastructure (CNI) group supports dial in through a Remote Access Server (RAS). The server has a total of 46 incoming lines available for general use. The lines are compatible with all modem speeds, including the V.90 standard for 56K baud modems. Here are a few important points to know for RAS use:

  • The phone number to connect to the RAS is: (757) 256-4000.
  • You will not be able to access any offsite systems when logged into the RAS. Our RAS access is for internal web page and system access only.
  • RAS also support ISDN connections.
  • The RAS will provide dial-in users with TCP/IP connections only. Users can use RAS to check their JLab email, browse internal web pages, and connect to central Unix systems.

Configuring Dial-in on Windows XP Professional

This document show steps to configure Windows XP Profession for Dial-in to Jefferson Lab using modem. This document has two sections. Section A shows you how to install the modem and Section B shows how to configure Dial-in to Jefferson Lab. If your system has a modem configured already, you can skip to Section B.

Section A: Installing modem on Windows XP

1. Windows XP is a Plug & Play (PnP) operating system, so it will detect most modem's and configure them for you. If you have an older modem that is not PnP, you need to install it manually. Follow these steps to install the modem manually.

Open your Control panel and click "Printers and Other Hardware".

wpe2.jpg (44050 bytes)

Click "Phone and Modem Options".

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Click "Add".

wpe9.jpg (28988 bytes)

On the Add Hardware Wizard, click Next.

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The hardware wizard will search for your modem.

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When prompted with the following click "Continue Anyway".

wpeF.jpg (25242 bytes)

Click "Finish" to complete modem setup.

wpe16.jpg (16119 bytes)

The modem has been installed. Click "OK" to complete.

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Section B: Configuring your modem to dial-in to Jefferson Lab

From the Control Panel, select "Network and Internet Connections". Then select "Create a connection to the network at your workplace".

Select "Dial-up connection" and then click "Next".

Enter JLAB for company name and then click "Next".

Enter 256-4000 as the phone number to dial and click "Next".

Choose the connection availability option and then click "Next".

From the listing of Dial-up connections, right click on "JLAB" and click "Properties".

Select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and then click "Properties".

Then Click OK

Click on JLAB in your Dial-up Connection listing. Enter your username and password and click "Dial" to connect.

You should see a message verifying your connection.