JLab Windows Systems

Supported Windows Desktop Operating Systems (Last Updated: 02/17/2022)

Windows Version Required SP MS End of Extended Support Notes
Windows 11 All Versions N/A ?? Not yet Supported, evaluation underway
Windows 10 Enterprise N/A note 4 Supported, Preferred -- current default for all upgrades and rebuilds. 64-bit version by default. 32-bit available when required or requested.
Windows 10 Professional3 N/A note 4 Support For Purchase -- May be ordered but must be rebuilt upon receipt using Windows 10 Enterprise
Windows 8.1 Enterprise N/A 1/10/2023 Supported -- optionally available for upgrades and rebuilds
Windows 8.1 Professional​3 N/A 1/10/2023 Supported For Purchase -- may be ordered on new systems, must be rebuilt upon receipt using Windows 10  Enterprise, no upgrades or rebuilds
Windows 8.0 Pro/Enterprise N/A 11/13/2015 Prohibited  -- must rebuild or upgrade to Windows 8.1 Enterprise 2
Windows 7 Enterprise 1 1/14/2020 Prohibited  -- blocked from network
Windows 7 Ultimate 1 1/14/2020 Prohibited  -- blocked from network
Windows 7 Professional 1 1/14/2020 Prohibited  -- blocked from network
Windows Vista Ultimate 2 4/11/2017 Prohibited  -- blocked from network
Windows Vista Enterprise 2 4/11/2017 Prohibited -- blocked from network
Windows XP Professional 3 4/8/2014 Prohibited -- blocked from network
Windows 2000 Professional 4 6/30/2005 Prohibited -- blocked from network
Windows NT4.0 N/A 6/30/2004 Prohibited -- blocked from network
Windows 3.x, 9x, ME N/A N/A Prohibited -- blocked from network
ALL WINDOWS STARTER OR HOME EDITIONS ALL ALL Prohibited  -- may not be used at JLab

1 Special Exceptions: To obtain an exception to order, run or rebuild unsupported systems listed above, please send an email to helpdesk@jlab.org. with a description of why the specific system is required.

2 Microsoft is ending support for Windows 8.0 24 months after 8.1 became available. The terminology has changed... 8.1 is basically Windows 8/SP1.

3 "No upgrades or rebuilds" -- Systems may not be upgraded, nor rebuilt using the indicated versions. All such work is done using the Enterprise Edition of the desired Windows Version.

4 -- With Windows 10, Microsoft has begun specifying support lifetimes in terms of the "build", with new builds being released roughly 2x per year, and builds generally supported for 2 years. A new table will be added above specifying the supported Windows 10 builds.

Important Points to Consider Before Ordering or Rebuilding

  • All systems that are JLab property, or will be on site for more than 6 months must reside on the production JLab network -- NOT the guest network.
  • Most systems are moving to 64-bit Version of the OS. So, 64-bit is the default. Unless specifically requested, in which case 32-bit versions may still be used if required on new builds. For rebuild of existing systems, 32-bit versions can be preserved if required for compatibility with existing software, drivers, etc.
  • The current preferred ("Production") version of the Windows operating system (OS) is Windows 10 Enterprise, 32 or 64 Bit
  • All newly procured Windows PCs must come pre-installed with Windows 10 Professional, 32-bit/64-bit.
  • For any non-CUE software, please determine through the software vendor if the software will work on the specific OS being considered.
  • New systems must not be purchased with any Windows "Starter" or "Home" editions since they cannot be upgraded to any compatible version.
  • ALL Windows systems on the Jefferson Lab network must be members of a JLab Windows domain

If you need information on the basic purchase and installation of new PC's at JLAB please see the JLab PC Purchasing documentation.

Printing in Windows

For information on printing from a JLab-CUE Windows machine, please visit the Windows Printing page.