JLab Voicemail Instructions

Dial by Name Directory Service

Accessing Names Directory System On-site:

  1. Dial 7777
  2. Immediately press *
  3. Enter your ID (Extension)
  4. Enter your 5 digit Pin
  5. Press "2" (Option to send a message)
  6. Record your Message and Press "#" when you are finished
  7. You can either enter the extension or press ## for the Directory
  8. You will then be prompted to enter the Last Name of the party you wish to leave a message for. If there is more than one person with the same last name, you may have to spell out the entire First Name also.

The system prompts will then lead you the rest of the way through.

Accessing Names Directory System Off-site:

  1. Dial 269-7777 or if you are out of the 757 area code dial 1-757-269-7777.
  2. Press "4" for Names Directory
  3. Then follow the same instructions for reaching the Names Directory from an internal phone.