H.323 (collection of protocols defined) provides specification for computers, equipment, and services for multimedia communication over packet based networks that defines how real-time audio, video and data information is transmitted.   The H.323 standard addresses call signaling and control, multimedia transport and control, and bandwidth control for point-to-point and multi-point conferences.

A select number of conference rooms have H.323 videoconferencing capabilities using Polycom devices. Below, you will find detailed instructions and a list of all rooms with Polycoms. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  For testing of services prior to your meeting, please submit a CCPR with the meeting name, time, location, and requirements.  This request should be submitted at least 1 week prior to your meeting.

Videoconferencing Locations at JLab

Equipment Name Location
VC-A110(Out of Order) CEBAF A110(Out of Order
VC-173 CEBAF L207
VC-L207(Out of Order) CEBAF F228(Out of Order)

New Test Lab Addition

(not currently in use)

poly-F324 CEBAF F326-327
VC-L104 CEBAF L102


Please see our Videoconferencing With a Polycom Device instructions for detailed instructions on how to use the video conference equipment.  If you need any further assistance with videoconferencing here at Jefferson Lab, please contact the IT Division Help Desk.