JLab Computer User Accounts

IMPORTANT: Computer user account requests are now online!

Obtaining a JLab Computer User Account

In order to obtain a computer user account at Jefferson Lab (JLab), your JLab Type must be Staff, User, Contract Services, Contract Staff, DOE, Student, or Teacher.  To begin, you must have an entry in our central information system, JList. The Computing and Networking Infrastructure (CNI) group does not create JList entries.

Staff are automatically entered into JList and provided a computer account as part of the on-boarding process.

For Users, you must first register through the JLab Access Portal, which generates your JList entry.  At that time, a computer user account can be requested.  Your Sponsor must electronically approve the request.  When your computer account has been created, you will receive an email with instructions on obtaining your username and temporary password.

For Contractors, and all those who have already registered in the past, you must ask your Supervisor/Sponsor/SOTR to request a computer user account on your behalf.  This can be done via the 'Request Computer Account' link under the Contractor's JList picture.  When your computer account has been created, you will receive an email with instructions on obtaining your username and temporary password.

Minors – If you are a user or student younger than 18 years of age, you and your JLab Sponsor must also meet with the head of the CNI Security group.  All minors must bring a completed copy of the JLab Computer Center Policy on Computer Accounts for Minors to this meeting.

What does a JLab Computer User Account give you?

When a computer user account is assigned, you gain privileges to access Common User Environment (CUE) systems here at JLab.  Our CUE systems include Windows, Linux, and Macintosh systems.  You may also access public Linux systems (jlabl1, jlabl2, jlabl3) and our Windows Terminal Servers (jlabts.jlab.org).

On a CUE desktop system, you will have access to email, internal and external webpages, public domain packages, software development applications, word processing applications, various JLab specific packages, and a wide assortment of vendor provided applications.

Access to the batch and interactive farm systems is controlled by means of your Unix group memberships.  Experimental Users should contact the software coordinator for their Experimental Hall to insure that they are included in all appropriate experimental groups to allow access to the farm systems.  Please visit Scientific Computing's (SciComp) Farm Access page for more information on gain access to these systems.

How long is your JLab Computer User Account active?

Your user account will stay active until your JLab Supervisor/Sponsor indicates otherwise.  To verify user accounts, the CNI group performs an annual computer user account audit.  During the audit, each JLab Supervisor/Sponsor must decide whether to maintain or disable your account.

How is access to a JLab Computer User Account authenticated?

The authentication of a user account is accomplished by the combination of username and password.  You will be provided with a temporary password when you receive your account.  As soon as you log into JLab, please change your temporary password by using our Password Change Utility or the jpasswd command on one of our a central Unix system (jlabl1, jlabl2, or jlabl3).  Please read our JLab-CUE User Passwords page for more information on our password rules and uses.

The CNI group does not email passwords as that is a security risk.  Please visit the IT Division Help Desk (helpdesk) with a photo ID to pick up your username and temporary password.  If you cannot be physically present, please contact the helpdesk at (757) 269-7155.  You may also make arrangements with your JLab Supervisor/Sponsor to facilitate this for you.

The policy for password content and rules as set forth by the Department of Energy (DOE) and JLab can be found on the Password Rules page.