Macintosh Thunderbird Email Configuration

The following instructions show you how to setup email using the Thunderbird email client. Please ensure that you are running the latest version of Thunderbird. To check for updates in Thunderbird, select Help from the top toolbar and then Check for Updates. After installing all updates, follow these steps on how to configure Thunderbird to work here at Jefferson Lab (JLab).

NOTE:  For Office (O365) customers, you will be required to configure an application password to use multi-factor authentication with O365.  This is an outdated form of MFA and will be discontinued by Microsoft in FY2020.  Please migrate over to the Outlook application or Apple Mail to ensure you're able to continue reading your JLab email from your Macintosh system.  All references to passwords below point you to the Application Password for O365 customers webpage for instructions on setting up an application password.


  • Click Continue
  • A Mail Account Setup window will open, allow it run.
    • This will find your Incoming, but not your Outgoing

  • Click Manual Setup...
  • This will open a new window labeled Account Settings
  • In the left hand column under your email account, select Server Settings
  • Confirm the following:
    • Server Type: IMAP Mail Server
    • Server Name: (non-O365 cutomers use
    • Port: 993
    • Username: your JLab username
    • Connection security: SSL/TLS
    • Authentication method: Normal password (Application Password for O365 customers)

  • In the left hand column under your email account, select Outgoing Server (SMTP)
    • Select the (Default) outgoing server and click Edit...

  • A new window will open labeled SMTP Server
  • Confirm the following:
    • For Desktops:
      • Server Name:
      • Port: 25
      • Connection Security: None
      • Authentication method: No authentication


  • Click OK
  • Click OK in Account Settings
  • If prompted for your password, enter it and click OK

If you do not see your email after these steps, restart Thunderbird. After performing these steps and you are still having difficulties please call or visit the IT Division Help Desk