Small Change for Smart Card Users...

If you use a Smart Card to logon to your desktop, or other Windows systems at JLab, a small change is being made at 5:00PM on Wednesday, August 24, 2016.  In order to support some required enhancements to our Smart Card system, a new text field will be visible on the logon screen where users enter their Smart Card PIN.  The field is labeled "Username hint" and will appear just below the "PIN" entry text box.  The good news - for most Smart Card users, this field can be left blank.  You will simply enter your PIN in the box above it as you normally would and logon as usual.

This change only applies to the logon process used with Smart Cards, therefore, logging on with your username and password will not change.  Here are a couple of examples of what the Smart Card logon dialog looks like with the new field displayed.  The details vary depending on how you are logging on and what version of Windows is involved.

Remote Desktop
Client Logon
Local Logon

Please contact the IT Division Help Desk with any questions or concerns regarding this change.