Videoconferencing with SeeVogh

NOTICE TO USERS:  On January 1, 2013, EVO (Enabling Virtual Organizations) is transitioning to a commercial service (managed by Evogh, Inc.) named the SeeVogh Research Network.  CNI is procuring the SeeVogh service for anyone with a email address.  Current EVO users have until December 31, 2012 to test for free the SeeVogh service with your EVO meetings.  Please visit the EVO site for further details on the transition and new product, SeeVogh.

Message from The SeeVogh Research Network Team:

Your research community JLab is now part of the SeeVogh Research Network, managed by Evogh, Inc.  The SeeVogh Research Network community subscription and authorization model was changed.  For your community, all users will be authorized based on domain name of his email when subscribing to the community via the SeeVogh Client as described at:

If the user is already part of your SeeVogh community there is no action to perform.

-- SeeVogh Research Network Team

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please submit a Computer Center Problem Report (CCPR) at least 1 week prior to your conference. This allows enough time for the equipment to be set up and configured properly. Failure to do so may result in SeeVogh being unavailable for use in time for your meeting.

The IT Division Help Desk provides support for the use of the SeeVogh System at Jefferson Lab (JLab).  SeeVogh from Evogh is part of the Internet2 NET+ Services program that provides “above the network” advanced services to Internet2 member organizations, including higher education, government, and industry (

SeeVogh's new features include:

  • Nicer and simpler user interface
  • Single window interface in a meeting
  • Compatibility with iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and Android (tablets and smartphones)
  • New call-in H.323/SIP service that let you join a meeting directly from your H.323/SIP device (with no computer required)
  • Guest accounts per meeting
  • Better bandwidth management
  • The ability to use Shibboleth/CAS/LDAP authentication

The SeeVogh Research Network is designed to be highly cost-effective for the scientific community.  Since this service involves using a camera and speakers, it is best suited for conference rooms set up with Polycom equipment. A list of rooms with this setup can be found on the Videoconferencing page.  Otherwise, you will need to use a laptop with a web cam, checkout a webcam by emailing, or bring your own webcam.

SeeVogh User Account

Per SeeVogh licensing, you may only obtain a SeeVogh account with your JLab account.  Please visit  Once you've registered, you will then be a SeeVogh Resarch Network user.

Java Configuration

As with EVO, in order to run SeeVogh you will need to make the following changes to the Java settings for each user session.

  1. Change control panel view
    • In XP: From the start menu, go to the control panel and select "Switch to Classic View" on the left hand side.
    • In Windows 7: From the start menu, go to the control panel change "View by:" to "Large icons" on the right hand side.
  2. Locate the Java icon and right click on it. Select "Open" from the menu box that pops up.
  3. Select "Settings.." located at the bottom.
  4. Check the very first box labeled "Keep temporary files on this computer".

Legacy VRVS

The IT Division Help Desk no longer provides support for VRVS (Virtual Rooms Videoconferencing System).