The Security group within the Computing and Networking Infrastructure (CNI) group manages cyber security for Jefferson Lab (JLab).  We provide policies and guidelines for users in order to protect JLab's computing environment.   If you encounter a cyber security threat, please do not hesitate to contact the CNI Security group.  Please see our incident reporting section below for contact information.  You may also contact the IT Division Help Desk with any questions or concerns regarding cyber security at JLab.

Spam Reporting

Please forward all suspected spam to so that both the JLab security team and our content filtering provider get copies of it. This allows us to block future spam which uses the same format.

Incident Reporting

To report non-critical problems, send email to

For immediate phone consultation during working hours, please contact:

  • Greg Nowicki -- 757-269-6105 (page through Staff Search)
  • Eric Hacecky -- 757-269-5067 (page through Staff Search)
  • Vacant

During non-working hours, please contact the JLab Security Guards at (757) 269-5822.  The guards will contact on-call CNI staff for support.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Incident Reporting

Incidents involving potential loss or compromise of PII must be reported immediately, even on nights and weekends.  To report a compromise or even possible compromise (day or night), please call the Security Guard at 757-269-5822.

Please see the PII Policy page for more information on JLab's policy on PII.

Policies and Procedures