JLab Purchasing of PCs, Software, and Devices

Please visit our JLab PC Purchase Program page to read about how to purchase a new JLab PC.

In pursuit of ensuring site-wide technical compatibility and continued secure operations, the Chief Information Office (CIO), working with Business Services and the Computer and Networking Infrastructure (CNI) group, has established the following requirements.

  • These requirements are applicable for all approvals of automatic data processing (ADP) and purchases of electronic data processing (EDP), such as computer and networking hardware and software, or any equipment that is capable of being connected to the network, including any type of wireless communications (such as 802.11 or bluetooth).
  • This includes purchases being made using Purchase Card (PCard) and eCommerce.
  • These requirements apply even if the equipment is not originally planned to be connected to a network. These requirements apply to, but are not limited to, Smartphones, tablets, wireless access points, desktop systems, portable computers, printers, scanners, data-acquisition or monitoring devices, and network interface cards. (See exceptions below.)

All computer software purchases and upgrades must use the standard requisition process.  The Purchase Request and POA Code includes CNI ADP approval unless the product is included on the Exceptions List shown below on this page.

PCards and eCommerce procurements may be used to purchase items from the indicated list. This list will be updated as appropriate by the CNI group. Send suggestions for additions of commonly used products to helpdesk@jlab.org.  Note that volume-discounted licenses have been purchased for many of the major software products and that these are available from CNI via the IT Division Help Desk. Some volume-discounted licensed products may involve expenditures from group budgets. These volume-discounted licenses include most Microsoft applications.

Exceptions List

CNI group staff and staff approved by the CIO are authorized to make PCard and eCommerce computer hardware and software purchases up to $2,500.

The following items do not require ADP approval and may be purchased either using PCards (on which there is a limit of $500 for ADP purchases) or via eCommerce/webstock.


  • Keyboards, mice and trackballs
  • Speakers, microphones, and headsets
  • Ergonomic devices, mouse pads, wrist supports etc.
  • Cables and adapters
  • Webcams (Logitech C930 or C310 available for purchase in e-commerce)
  • Memory
  • Blank media
  • USB flash memory devices
  • External hard-disk/tape/CD/DVD drives
  • Internal hard-disk/tape/CD/DVD drives
  • Firewire/USB hubs
  • Replacement batteries and power supplies for laptop computers


  • The following Adobe product families:
    • Creative Suite
    • Photoshop family
    • Acrobat family
    • Elements family
    • Framemaker
  • Borland C++ Builder and Delphi compilers
  • CorelDraw, CorelPhoto
  • Dragon Speak and Type
  • FastTrack Project Management
  • Filemaker Pro for Macintosh
  • Foxit PhantomPDF
  • iWorks
  • Kaleidagraph
  • MathCad
  • MathType
  • MyScript LiveScribe
  • PhotoManager
  • Snag-It Software