Proofpoint Email Filtering System

JLAB's email filtering will be return to ProofPoint starting May 14, 2019.  ProofPoint replaces the default spam filtering provided by Microsoft O365.

Quickstart Information:

  • To see your email quarantine, login to  Use your JLAB CUE username/password.  NOTE -- If you have already signed onto JLAB's single sign on system (such as misportal or O365), you will not need to login here.
  • User's individual Trusted Email and Blocked Emails list will be the same as they were previously with ProofPoint (Pre-O365) 

Quarantine Management Web Page.

  • To see your email quarantine, login to  Use your JLAB CUE username/password.
  • From here you can:
    • Manage messages in your quarantine.
      • Release messages that have been mistakenly quarantined
      • Delete messages from your quarantine
    • Manage your Safe Senders list
    • Manage your Blocked Senders list
    • Search messages in your quarantine based on the sender and subject
    • Opt out of SPAM filtering
    • Opt out of Bulk Mail filtering

Safe / Blocked senders list

  • Safe senders list -- Bypass Anit-Spam filtering for a specific address OR entire domain
    •  -- affects specific address only. (only
    • -- affects all addresses from entire domain (all addresses from
  • Blocked senders list -- Block messages from a specific address OR entire domain
    •  -- affects specific address only. (only
    • -- affects all addresses from entire domain (all addresses from
  • Note - the ability to affect entire domains has been a long standing request from JLAB users.

Filtering Levels

  • Normal SPAM Filtering -- This is the default setting for all users.  This Filters out SPAM and some Bulk mail.
  • Less Aggressive Filtering.  This filters out SPAM messages only.
  • Opt out of all filtering.  This provides no SPAM filtering at all.
Bulk mail comes from entities that you normally deal with,  but are not necessarily directed towards you personally.  Examples are marketing advertising emails, survey emails, emails from vendors that got your address from another vendor, etc.   These are messages that you might want to see, but don't need to see them in your INBOX as soon as they arrive.   After experiencing the default email filtering settings, if you wish to change yours, simply logon to your ProofPoint account, click "Profile" in the lower left and then check the setting you want and click on 'save'

End User Digest Email

You will receive a daily message called the End User Digest.  It will display the messages placed in your quarantine since the last End User Digest was delivered to you.  It will give you the chance to act on them.  Everything that you can do from the web page, you can do from this email message via the links (release & delete messages, add senders to safe/blocked lists, etc.).  You can also click the "Manage my Account" link to go directly to your account on the web page.  You can delete all messages from your quarantine by going to "Manage My Account" link.  The End User Digest is a snapshot of your quarantine as it was at the time the digest was sent (7am, everyday).  If you want to get a fresh, updated version of the digest, click on the "Request New End User Digest".  A new digest will arrive in your INBOX in a few moments. If you've had no new messages quarantined since your last End User Digest was sent, you will not receive a new Digest.

URL Rewritting and Filtering

All URLs contained in emails coming from outside of JLAB will be rewritten.  The modified URLs will now go through ProofPoint's malicious URL filtering engine.  When a URL is clicked on, if ProofPoint determines the URL does not go to malicious address, the connection will be redirected to the original address.  This will be transparent to the user in most cases.   If however, the URL is a known malicious site, the click will result in a "Blocked URL" page.  This will greatly enhance JLABs protection from users that mistakenly click on malicious URL links. This means that all URL's will start with when examined by hovering your pointer over them.