At Jefferson Lab (JLab), our printing environment is different from the norm.  The configuration ultimatly increases usability and decreases down time.  Please see the links below to see how to configure printers for your computer here on site.

The majority of our Staff and Users will print via 1 or more of our 3 print servers.  Which server you need, and specific configuration steps for that server, are detailed according to whether you are on the JLab network or guest network, as well as, what Operating System you are using.

  • In most cases, computer users printing from a JLab system (has a JLab tag property tag - F4#####) will need to use the JLab Printing section of this how-to.
  • All computer users printing from non-JLab property will need to use the Guest Printing section.

NOTE:  For non-JLab property, use the guest how-to whether you're on the jlab_guest or jlab wireless SSID.

 JLab Owned Machines  Non-JLab Owned(Personal) Machines
 JLab Windows  Personal Windows
 JLab RHEL  Personal MAC
 JLab Macintosh  Personal RHEL
   Personal Linux Variants

Ordering Printers/Copiers

JLab has a contract with Electronic Systems, Inc. (ESI) to provide full support for printers and copiers at JLab.  Historically, staff and users had local printers configured for their machine.  Since these are not updated regularly, or retired when brand support ends, they pose a security risk.  If you need to order a printer for your group or office, please check the list of approved printers offered through ESI:

Approved JLab Printers (as of Oct 1, 2017)

All of these printers are supported by the Copy Center, which means they provide paper, toner, and fix your printer if it breaks.  To make your order, put in a purchase requisition (PR) with the printer name and ESI as the vendor.