Use of Excessed Computing Equipment

Any Computer system that is pulled out of Jefferson Lab (JLab) excess for re-use at JLab, must be less than 4 years old.  The system must also be able to run the latest Common User Environment (CUE) supported version of the intended Operating System.  For example, if you intend to run a Windows OS on the system, then it must be able to run Windows 7 (the latest version of our CUE supported Windows OS).  The system must also be completely rebuilt (including a full wipe and load) by the IT Division Help Desk.  If the system meets these requirements, then submit a Computer Center Problem Report (CCPR) to schedule the rebuild once the system is in your possession. 

All other computing equipment (printers, network gear, etc) must be approved by the CNI department before it is pulled out of JLab excess for re-use at JLab.