JLab Paging Instructions

Paging from the Web

The easiest way to page Jefferson Lab (JLab) personnel is by using the Staff Search web utility.  This utility will send an alpha-page to an alphanumeric pager, Sprint texting device, and most Smartphones.  If a JLab staff or user has been assigned an alphanumeric or Sprint texting device, or they have their cell phone number in the system, then they will have a "Click to page" option in the Pager field of their listing.

NOTE:  Please use caution when alpha paging via email or the web as they are not 100% reliable.

Alphanumeric Paging


  1. Create a new message from your preferred email client
  2. Enter the pager address into the To: field:
    • username-page@jlab.org
    • 757xxxxxxx@page.metrocall.com (do not use hyphens or brackets)
  3. Enter the Subject, if desired
  4. Type the desired message in the Text/Message field (allows up to 80 characters of text)
  5. Click on Send

NOTE:  These instructions should be used to send a page to Sprint Texting Devices as well.


Please follow the below instructions on numeric/digital paging for transmitting to an alphanumeric pager via a telephone.

Numeric/Digital Paging

The only way to page a numeric/digital pager is via the telephone.

  1. Dial 9 + 757 + xxx + xxxx (pager number)
  2. Wait until you hear three beeps, then without delay, dial the number you want your party to call
  3. Press # to transmit your message