Outlook Email Configuration

The following instructions show you how to setup email using the Outlook email client. Follow these steps on how to configure Outlook to work here at Jefferson Lab (JLab).


  • The first time Outlook is opened a startup box will be appear. Select Next >
  • The next page will ask if you want Outlook to configure an E-mail client. Select Yes and press Next >
  • On the Auto Account Setup screen
    • Your Name: Full Name
    • Email Address: JLab email address
    • Check the box for Manually configure server...

  • Click Next >
  • A Choose E-mail Service window will open
    • Select Internet E-mail

  • On the Internet E-mail Settings window
    • Your Name: Full Name
    • E-mail Address: JLab email address
    • Account Type: IMAP
    • Incoming mail server: mail.jlab.org
    • Outgoing mail server:
      • For Desktops: smtpmail.jlab.org
      • For Offsite, Laptops, and/or Cell Phones: smail.jlab.org
    • Username: JLab username
    • Password:  JLab password
    • Uncheck remember password

  • Select More Settings...
  • Click the Advanced tab at the top and confirm the following
    • Incoming Server:
      • Port: 993
      • Encrypted Connection: SSL
    • Outgoing Server:
      • Port:
        • For Desktops: 25
        • For Offsite, Laptops, and/or Cell Phones: 465
      • Encrypted Connection:
        • For Desktops: None
        • For Offsite, Laptops, and/or Cell Phones: SSL

NOTE: The Root folder path should point to wherever your email folders are located (i.e. leave this blank if they're directly on your J:\ drive, put "mail/" or "Mail/" without the quotes if they're located in one of those corresponding folders on your J:\ drive.)

  • Click OK
  • Click Next >
  • If prompted for your password, enter it and click OK

If you do not see your email after these steps, restart Outlook. After performing these steps and you are still having difficulties please call or visit the IT Division Help Desk.