Accessing and Syncing a OneDrive Share

Click here if you're creating share permissions for someone else.

Accessing the OneDrive share

First, we recommend clicking the following links to log you out of any MS accounts you're currently logged into. This will ensure this JLab share doesn't end up being associated with the wrong account.

  1. Go back to your email and click the link to Open the share.
  2. At this point, it may ask you if you’re using a Microsoft account (Personal) or an Organization account.
    • Organization Account: Check with your helpdesk to see if you have an MS account from your company
    • Microsoft Account(Personal): You can open this share with your own personal MS account.
    • Don't have an MS Account?: Choose Microsoft Account, then choose to create one.
  3. You will be taken to the share.  If you're not immediately taken to the share. Then go back the email and click the Open link.
  4. Create a Bookmark/Favorite: At this point you'll want to create a bookmark/favorite so you can get back to the share later.
    1. Click Get link on top bar.
    2. Add the link it gives you to your favorites/bookmarks.




Share a folder with a user

  1. Right click(Or check) the folder you desire to share with a user.
  2. Then click share.
  3. Type in the email address(es) that  you'd like to share the folder with.
  4. If you'd like person to only have view permissions click the link above the email address box for more options.
  5. In the message box enter the following...

Please click on the following link: Follow those instructions before opening the share link(Open...) below.

       5. Finally Click Share.