Off-site Email Access

How to access Jefferson Lab email while on travel or at home

Jefferson Lab (JLab) email servers are available to valid users from off-site or at home, with certain restrictions. The main restriction is that our outgoing mail server (the system that handles mail that you are sending) will not relay mail. What this means is that if you are on travel connected to the network of another lab, or connected via an ISP (for example from home), then you should configure your outgoing mail server following the Secure Mail Client instructions linked below.

Web Mail Utility

This is the simplest method to access email remotely. Access to JLab email accounts are available via the Web Email Utilility found on the web at This is a secure connection which requires your JLab CUE username/password combination to retrieve and send email.

On travel, connected to another network (e.g. at another lab), with a laptop or at home, or on travel, using an ISP

Please visit the pages regarding Email for information on how to configure your preferred email client for use while off site.

On travel, using a system at another location

In this case, we assume you are borrowing a computer, you are probably logged in as a "guest" or similar. In this case what you do depends on the type of system you are using, and what software is available to you there.

  • If you will be using the system for a few days, then, if it has netscape, just configure your email client software in the same way as in the example above - use for incoming mail and the secure send mail server for outgoing mail.
  • If using it for a short time, the simplest means is to use