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Starting in December 2018, the Jefferson Lab IT Division will begin migrating Zimbra users to Office 365 (O365) for Email.  The Zimbra calendar system will be migrated over in mid-January 2019.

TRAINING SESSIONS:  Tuesdays & Thursdays at 2PM starting November 27th in the CC Auditorium.  Please stop by for demos on email and calendar.  We welcome your questions and concerns at the end of the sessions.

Email Migration by Division/Group:

 December 5, 2018  Physics
 December 7, 2018  CFO, CPO, COO, Theory, Lab Leadership, Directorate
 December 12, 2018  Engineering
 December 14, 2018  ESH&Q, Facilities, IT, LCLS-II, misc
 December 19, 2018  Accelerator

The O365 Outlook application will replace Zimbra email and calendar.  If you are a current Zimbra user, you will be migrated to O365.  All non-Zimbra users will continue to use webmail (SquirrelMail) via the web or their preferred email client.

The plan is to begin migrating users to Outlook Email starting after Thanksgiving and ending before the Holiday Shutdown.  In mid-January 2019, Outlook Calendar and Tasks will be migrated from Zimbra to O365, which will complete the migration from Zimbra to Outlook.

Why are we moving to O365?

  • Improve Collaboration:
    • Share OneDrive to folders to colleagues outside of JLab
    • Share Outlook email folders
    • Simultaneous document editing with Office on the web
    • View/Edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from all devices
  • Cloud:
    • Secure global access to email and files
    • Dynamic resource expansion in times of heavy usage
    • Other labs are also moving to O365 (ORNL, FNAL, INL, BNL, ANL)
  • Cost savings by eliminating cost to maintain and license current on premise solutions (Zimbra and ProofPoint)
  • More space:
    • Outlook: Default quota is 50GB per user
    • OneDrive: Default quota is 1TB per user

Accessing Your O365 Account

You can access your O365 account at

  • Login as "'
  • Then, you will be routed to an internal JLab single sign-on page (MIS)
  • Enter your CUE username and password
  • Finally, you will land on the Office 365 Portal Page
  • Click on the Outlook Icon to get into the Outlook (Email, Calendar, Tasks) App

O365 Guides and Cheat Sheets

O365-Welcome-Slides.pdf819.19 KB
Demo-Slideshow.pdf5.74 MB
MS_CheatSheet_OutlookCalendarforWindows.pdf356.67 KB
MS_CheatSheet_OutlookCalendarOnline.pdf350.82 KB
MS_Cheatsheet_OutlookMailforWindows.pdf442.64 KB
MS_Cheatsheet_OutlookMailOnline.pdf737.09 KB
MS_Cheatsheet_OutlookMobile_Android.pdf483.5 KB
MS_Cheatsheet_OutlookMobile_iOS.pdf573.46 KB
MS_Office_Quickstart.OneDrive.pdf646.29 KB
MS_Outlook_Quickstart.pdf512.35 KB