CST Division Help Desk Status Under MEDCON 5/6

Effective immediately, the Computational Sciences and Technology (CST) Division Help Desk will staffed virtually instead of having a physical presence in CEBAF Center. Help will continue to be available during the normal hours of 8:00AM to 4:30PM (EST), Monday through Friday. Support will be limited to requests that can be addressed remotely.  If on-site visits are necessary, they can be made by appointment only.

As the Lab's MEDCON 5/6 protocol is implemented, we will continue to roll out improved remote services. Please be patient as we learn how to best serve all of you in the JLab community remotely.

The very best way to reach Help Desk support is by using our ServiceNow ticketing system, through either of the following ways:

Alternatively, we can be reached via phone. Please leave a voicemail if you don't reach Help Desk support staff.

  • Phone: 757-269-7155

The CST Division Help Desk will also be using Microsoft Teams in O365 to communicate with staff by chat.  Teams is a useful collaboration tool that was enabled in O365 because we believe it will be useful for communicating with coworkers during this event.  The CST Division has also begun posting information and answers to IT related questions on the COVID-19 informational portal.

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