Allowed-Blocked Senders (Proofpoint replacement)

O365 allows you to maintain your own list of addresses to block or allow through the spam filtering.  This function previously was done by ProofPoint, where you also could maintain a list of trusted or blocked senders.

O365 Outlook allows you to do the same.


SPAM Filtering Allow or Block Rules (Outlook Web App)

  • Once you are in the Outlook Web App, click on the settings gear icon in the upper right corner
  • Then click on “Mail” in the lower right. This will open the Options side panel on the left.
  • Under "Accounts", Click on "Block or Allow" on the left side panel.
  • You can turn off spam filtering completely by selecting "Don't move email to my Junk Folder" instead of the default "Automatically filter junk email"
  • You can add email addresses (i.e. or whole domains ( to either the Safe Senders or the Blocked Senders to either allow or block messages from those addresses.