New Web Traffic Protections Launch

08/23/2016 8:00 am
America/New York

Jefferson Lab (JLab) uses several automated protection systems to scan web traffic for malware and viruses. The protection provided by these scans has become increasingly limited by the expanding use of encryption for web traffic on the Internet. To provide continued security for JLab systems, JLab will begin decrypting some web traffic.  Please see the table below for the schedule of network changes in the coming weeks.

 August 23, 2016  Desktop 1 and Business Services
 September 7, 2016  Desktop 2, DOE Site Office, and JLab Internal Wireless (not guest wireless)
 September 13, 2016   SENS Domain, All Central Networks, VDI Infrastructure
 October 4, 2016  All remaining networks; except guest

This change will allow the automated processes that the lab has in place to scan traffic and remove identified viruses and malware. Traffic from known medical and financial institutions, however, will be exempted from being decrypted, as these are generally not sites from which malware and viruses are deployed.

The CNI group is held two, one-hour informational meetings on Thursday, August 18th, and Friday, August 19th, in CEBAF Center room F113 at 11:30AM.  If you have any additional questions about this process, contact the IT Division Help Desk ( or x7155).