JLAB ME CAD Steering Committee

What is the JLAB CAD Steering Commitee?

The mission of the Mechanical CAD Steering Committee is to increase the effectiveness of the use of CAD tools at JLAB.

This mission shall include the following tasks:

  • Identify site wide CAD related issues and problems as they arise.
  • Work together as a cooperative group to develop plan for addressing each of these issues and provide for the implementation of solutions.
  • Identify the areas of concern and the needs for the future development of CAD implementations.
  • Plan for the future direction of CAD development at JLAB

Full charter can be viewed at M:\ccc\CAD\CAD Steering Committee\Charter\CAD Steering Committee Charter 2001.pdf



List of Members of the JLAB CAD Steering Committee:

  •       Todd Coates, Committee Chair
  •       Chris Soova, Hall A
  •       Cyril Wiggins, Hall B
  •       Bert Metzger, Hall C
  •       Stephanie Worthington, Hall D
  •       Corey Butler, CRYO
  •       Ron Lassiter, MENG
  •       Gary Hays, MENG
  •       Jim Henry, MENG
  •       Bridget Paul, DCG


Links & References:

'Meeting Agendas and Minutes'
  M:\ccc\CAD\CAD Steering Committee\Meeting Agendas and Minutes\

  M:\ccc\CAD\CAD Steering Committee\Documents\