Phishing Attacks at JLab

07/23/2014 8:00 am
America/New York

Jefferson Lab email accounts have received multiple phishing emails in the past two days. These phishing emails range from claiming to have information mail from the Helpdesk, which included JLab graphics, to password expiration and reconfirming your Lab account again.

If you clicked on a link in one of these emails, whether you were on site or away from the lab, contact the Jefferson Lab IT Division Help Desk immediately.  If you entered your password at said link, please change your password immediately and contact the IT Division Help Desk.

JLab’s cybersecurity system offers some protection to computers at the lab and on the lab’s system. However, the lab cannot protect computers that are off site.  Please review our webpages on Phishing, Spam & Spyware, as well as, Tips to Avoid Phishing/Spam to educate yourself against future attacks.

Again, if you have already received the email and clicked the link, you should notify the the IT Division Help Desk or the IT Division Cybersecurity Team at immediately.

NOTE: Any time you receive email of a suspicious nature, forward the message to