Requisitions changes implemented 7/15/2014

On Tuesday, July 15, the requisitions application was updated to include new functionality to improve ordering and processing of equipment at the Laboratory. Two new questions were added to the “Other Information” section, for network-enabled and calibration equipment. Also, all EDP equipment subject to EPEAT requirements now require EPEAT documentation to be attached to the requisition. For more information, visit

Network-enabled Equipment: in order to ensure that equipment with network capabilities is consistent with the technologies used at the Lab, a yes/no question was introduced to the requisitions application: “Network-enabled equipment: Does this requisition contain equipment that will be connected to a wired or wireless network?” When this checkbox is selected, the requisition will be routed to the Computing and Networking Infrastructure (CNI) group for evaluation.

EPEAT Documentation: DOE requires the Lab to purchase EPEAT-certified computing equipment whenever possible, for computers, monitors, imaging equipment or televisions. In order to ensure that the equipment being purchases is compliant, we are asking users to attach documentation to requisitions for this type of equipment. As always, purchases through the JLab stockroom do not require additional documentation. For more information about this, please see

Calibration Equipment: This includes requisitions for items that will be used to calibrate other measuring devices. Calibration equipment is used to verify the accuracy of data obtained from activities such as: inspections, acceptance testing, and process monitoring, is known as “Measurement and Testing Equipment” (M&TE).  It is required that this type of equipment be calibrated on a regular basis and controlled to maintain its accuracy.  Because of its sensitive nature, M&TE is identified and inventoried under Jefferson Lab’s Property Management System.  In the future, purchase of M&TE will be so designated at the time of purchase within the Maximo Purchase Requisition System so it can be properly addressed prior to use.

requisitions changes screenshot