Copier Changeout -- DELAYED

The change out of the copiers has been delayed due to the inclement weather.  The new schedule is posted below.

With the new contract for copier and printer services starting January 1st, all currently leased (rented) copiers will be replaced with updated Xerox models next week (Jan. 6 - Jan. 10).  All 30 of the leased convenience copiers will be replaced, by building, as follows:

  • Jan. 21-- CEBAF Center
  • Jan. 24 -- ARC, Support Service Center, and Forestry Building
  • Jan. 27 -- Experimental Equipment Lab, Technology and Engineering Development Building, Test Lab and Radiation Control Group Buildings
  • Jan. 28 -- FEL, Trailer 35, and Buildings 85, 89, 97 & 203

The CNI group will strive to limit outages to a single copier at a time.  However, some of the color models will need to be turned off for some time in order to cool down prior to being replaced.  Please plan on using alternate copiers while the one in your area is down. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the IT Division Help Desk.