Tips to Avoid Phishing/Spam

- Avoid clicking on links in email.  If you must utilize a hyperlink, make sure you trust the REAL location the link points to by hovering over it and reading the underlying URL.  Anyone can create an email hyperlink that says www.jlab.òrg/password_reset but the actual link goes to www.passwordstealer.còm.


hover your mouse over ->


Do you see the underlying URL?

- Never enter your JLab account information unless you are 100% sure it is a lab resource.  Ask yourself, does this website end in  If not, you probably shouldn't be putting your password in!  When in doubt call the helpdesk at x7155 or if an email fwd to and ask first.

- Do not use your @jlab email address for anything that isn't work related.  You get spam because your email is added to lists that spammers get ahold of.  If you aren't careless with disclosing your @jlab email address, the likelihood of getting on a spam list goes down dramatically.

- Do not download/install weird applications on your machine.  The majority of application installs should be handled by the Computer Center.  If you're bored and think you want to go to CNET or softonic to download a registry cleaner, or download assistant, etc.,  DON'T DO IT unless you want to get a call from me and then lose time with your machine when the helpdesk has to clean it.