Current Zimbra Calendar Problems & Issues

We are currently working to find resolutions on the following issues with the Zimbra Calendar:
1) Searching for Rooms (resources) while adding a share for that room to your calendar fails.
When you want to add a room's calendar to your Zimbra view, you click on "find shares" and then search for the room.  When you start typing the room into the find shares box, it does not
auto complete correctly.  The work around for this is to type in the email address of the room manually.  You can find the email address of a room from the "add a meeting" dialog window.
2) Creating repeating meetings when a specific instance of the series creates a conflict. 
Zimbra provides a way to create a repeating meeting, in Zimbra, this called a series.  When creating a series that creates a conflict with the room, you are given the option
to cancel just the offending meeting.  However, once the conflicting instance is canceled, there is no way to save the series.  This forces the user to cancel the entire series and
adjust it to remove the conflict.
3) When moving a existing meeting, room conflicts are allowed.
When a meeting is moved by dragging and dropping it, if the new time creates a conflict for the room, the meeting is moved anyways and the room is removed from the meeting.
To work around this, after you move the meeting, you will be asked if you wish to edit the message about the move, answer yes to this and then click on "send".  This will ensure that conflict checking for the room is done.