Patch and reboot MySQL Servers (cnidb and jmysql)

Task -- Patch and Reboot MySQL Servers (cnidb and jmysql)

Coordinator -- M. Wise

Who it affects -- Lots of user DB applications, including CNI supported Wikis, drupal installations, etc.

What systems it affects -- cnidb, jmysql

Discussion --

The physical linux systems supporting the cnidb and jmysql MySQL DB servers have been patched, but have been overlooked in the various reboots of web and other servers in recent months. As a result, some patches may not be fully applied, etc. This maintenance will use the opportunity to apply any outstanding errata (patches) and reboot the systems.


  • From the commandline on each of the systems use yum to apply any outstanding errate with -- "sudo yum update -y"
  • Once the update is completed, restart the server with "shutdown -r 0"

Test Cases

Backout -- NONE (you can't un-restart 'em)

Time Estimate -- 10 minutes

Dependencies -- Central fileservers, network up and running