Problems With Newer Versions of Firefox & Thunderbird

Newer versions of Firefox and Thunderbird are known to cause various problems at JLab. Newer Firefox has problems with various JLab web sites and newer Thunderbird versions have been shown to cause probelms with your profile, occasionally resulting in loss of folders or address books. Stick with Firefox 3.6.x and Thunderbird or 3.1.x until these issues can be addressed.

Firefox and Thunderbird have undergone a lot of very rapid evolution in recent months, progressing from 2.x/3.x to 8.x very quickly. Please be aware that these newer (than 3.x) versions of Firefox do not work properly with several JLab websites.  In addition, newer (than 3.x) versions of Thunderbird have been seen to cause problems with your profile, which may result in loss of folders or address books.  Currently, Firefox 3.6.x and Thunderbird or 3.1.x  are recommended and supported at JLab. If you need assistance downgrading to a JLab supported version, please contact the IT Division Help Desk. The Computer Center is evaluating these newer versions and the associated issues and will adopt newer versions as soon as the problems can be resolved.