Computing and Networking Infrastructure (CNI) Staff List

CST Division Help Desk
Phone: (757) 269-7155
Location: CEBAF Center, F-Wing, Second Floor
Hours: 8:00AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday

Andy Kowalski 12/F230 6224 Computing and Networking Infrastructure Department Head
Scientific Computing      
Bryan Hess 12/F230 7572 Scientific Computer Operations Group Leader
Dave Rackley 12/F283 7041 System Administrator
Kurt Strosahl 12/F282 7681 System Administrator
Wesley Moore 12/F284 6033 System Administrator
Austin Brazzell 12/F281 7152 System Administrator
Laura Hild 12/F284 6280 System Administrator
Kelvin Edwards 12/F231 7770 Systems Manager
Marty Wise 12/F287 7214 CUE Systems & Services - Windows/Unix
Myung Bang 12/F288 7158 CUE Systems & Services - Windows
Paul Letta 12/F286 5106 CUE Systems & Services - Unix
Sherman White 12/F280 6057 CUE Systems & Services - Unix
Todd Coates 12/F284 5537 CAD Coordinator
Roger DuBois 12/F233 6105 Cybersecurity Manager
Cameron Allen 12/F254 ---- Cybersecurity Analyst
Aaron Fraites 12/F254 ---- Cybersecurity Analyst
Matthew van Rooyen 12/F253 ---- Cybersecurity Analyst
Joseph Knowles ---- ---- Cybersecurity Policy Analyst
Brent Morris 12/F260 7063 Network Manager
Carl Bolitho 12/F263 6377 Network Engineer
Andrew Seitz 12/F264 7634 Network Engineer
Morgan Anderson 12/F289 7799 Telecommunications
Help Desk/Operations:      
Jessica A. Perry 12/F232 7262 Help Desk/Operations Manager
Joel Watkins 12/F290 6970 Help Desk Technician II
Matthew Sconyers 12/F258A 6710 Help Desk Technician
Marcus Luevano 12/F261 7702 Help Desk Technical Student
Justin Walker 12/F258 7702 Help Desk Technical Student
Adam Bates 12/F258 7702 Help Desk Technical Student
Hunter Hindmarsh 12/F261 7702 Help Desk Technical Student
Rylen Latosky 12/F258 7702 Help Desk Technical Student