JLab PC Purchase Program

The instructions for purchasing desktops, laptops, docking stations, and monitors have been migrated to our ServiceNow Knowledge Base.

Please see the following article:  User Services Documentation - PC Purchase Program (Stockroom Computer Inventory)


NOTE:  If you are part of the Accelerator or Engineering Division, please submit an ACE-PR for the purchase of computers, monitors, and any needed peripherals.

PC Environmental Rating Requirements

Beginning October 1, 2008, when procuring a desktop computer, laptop computer or computer monitor, only Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT)-registered products rated SILVER or above may be procured.  Other products may be considered for purchase only if no EPEAT-registered products meet the user's functional requirements.

Points to Consider When Buying a System

Existing Peripherals- Will existing peripherals such as scanners or other optional equipment work with this PC?  Before purchasing a particular OS, make sure that there are drivers available which support any pre-existing peripherals that you wish to keep with your new PC.  If you still have questions, or can't find a driver, please contact the vendor of the peripheral and verify that the peripheral will work with your new machine. If not, you will need to purchase new peripherals to take the place of the equipment that will not work.

Dell Onsite Support

For users who have purchased Dell PCs under JLab's ordering agreement, your desktop machine includes 3-year onsite hardware support.  Laptops include a 3-year onsite hardware support agreement.  All Dell machines purchased by JLab include Next Business Day On-Site Response support.

You can directly contact Dell at 1-800-234-1490; you will need your 7-digit service code (alpha/numeric code on the back, top, or bottom of your machine).


To All Cardholders and Approving Officials,

There has been a change in the Computer Center policy regarding the purchase of computer monitors.  This change requires that certain types of monitors be purchased in order to meet new contract requirements.  As a result of this policy change, the purchase of computer monitors is no longer allowed using a p-card.  All computer monitors must be procured using a purchase requisition.  The purchase requisition requirement can be met by purchasing a monitor from the Stockroom.