Mail Server Certificate Change (

The security certificate that identifies one of JLab’s email servers ( will be changed early Wednesday morning around 6:00 am. This certificate is used to identify the server and allow you to establish secure (encrypted) connections to it. The change of certificates is not expected to be noticeable or cause any disruptions in service.

Historically, such certificates were provided by Symantec/Verisign. The new certificate is issued by a new vendor (Network Solutions). Like the previous certificate from Verisign, the new certificate is pre-trusted by nearly all email clients, but there is a small chance some clients may generate a notification to you when the change occurs. Ordinarily, users are asked to be wary of such changes when they are not expected, so the Computer Center is sending this announcement to inform you of this change and to let you know that it is expected.

If your email client provides any kind of notification of the change, it should allow you to view the new certificate to confirm that it is trusted. The details below should match those presented to you in any such notification.

New Certificate Details

  • subject= /OU=Domain Control Validated/OU=nsProtect Secure Xpress/
  • issuer= /C=US/ST=VA/L=Herndon/O=Network Solutions L.L.C./CN=Network Solutions DV Server CA 2
  • SHA1 Fingerprint=9C:3C:BB:CF:8C:9F:22:5D:AA:BF:D0:5B:DF:30:91:85:81:B2:D1:E6