Mailing List

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Mailing list owners -- please give your email time to propagate.  With larger messages and/or mailing lists, emails take longer to reach the end user's Inbox.  If you resend the message, that will delay the process even more.  We have several large mailing lists on-site.  When those lists are used, the load on the mail servers increases and affects ALL JLab email.

Mailman is the software package which Jefferson Lab (JLab) will be moving toward to replace Majordomo. Like Majordomo, Mailman is an application which manages electronic mailing lists. Electronic mailing lists are collections of email addresses used to host the announcements and discussions of a common subject, group, or interest.

When a message is mailed to the mailing list itself (an action typically referred to as 'posting') that message will then be redistributed to the other members of the target mailing list. Each member of a mailing list has an email address which maybe either their local JLab email address or a remote address. As a result, announcements and other postings will appear in the user's standard email box as regular mail.

Each electronic mailing list is administered by a Mailing list Administrator. This administrator sets the policies for the mailing list which govern how subscriptions to the mailing list are governed, which members can post, which messages can be posted, as well as many other features.

Mailing List at JLab

If you would like to create a new mailing list, please visit the Mailing List Request Form page.  Please use the links below for information on getting started with mailman, view the index of mailing lists at JLab, search for mailing list owner information, and a quick reference guide for list administrators.

Old Mailing List (Majordomo)