Installing Red Hat Enterprise 5

Step 1

  • Contact the IT Division Help Desk and make sure the system you are building is set up in dhcp. You will need to provide:
    • the hardware (or MAC) address of the ethernet card
    • the name of the system
    • whether you will be maintaining the root password as a level 2 desktop.
      • CUE level 1 desktops are completely managed by the Computing and Networking Infrastructure (CNI) group, mount your CUE home directory, and provide you with access to /local/scratch where you can store any data you need.
      • CUE level 2 desktops are patched regularly by the CNI group and otherwise are not managed by the CNI group. You have the system's root password, but do not get to mount your CUE home directory. You will also need to ensure that the root password follows the Jefferson Lab (JLab) CUE password policy and that the system is managed in a secure manner.
      • For a more in-depth description of the different system levels, visit the system types page

    Step 2

    • Obtain the RHEL5 Boot CD from the IT Division Help Desk
    • Insert the CD into your CD/DVD drive
    • Some systems require you to press a key to boot from CD/DVD, such as F12 on recent DELL machines
    • Boot your system from this CD

    Step 3

    • Answer the questions as they are asked during the build
      • System name --> This should be the name of the system as supplied in Step 1

    • Desktop? --> Press 'd'

    • For a CUE level 2 build, you will need to answer the following:
      • Root password? -> Provide (twice when asked) the root password for the system. This should conform to the Password Rules.

    • System Administrator? --> This will be the CUE username of the person who will be responsible for ensuring the system is maintained in accordance with JLab policy.

    Step 4

    • The system will now go through the Redhat build process. It will reboot at the end of the initial install.
    • On the second reboot, the system will be automatically configured and updated to the lastest software.
    • Once it has finished installing all of the current Redhat patches, the install process will prompt you to set up the Graphics card and monitor.

    Step 5

    • Finally, the system will reboot and allow you to login.
    • (CUE Level 2 only) For the initial login, please use the CUE username/password of the person entered as the System Administrator in Step 3 above.
    • For CUE level 2 systems:
      • When adding users, please edit the /etc/passwd file and enter them in a format similar to "+username::::::"
      • Once the username is added, create the home directory by using "mkdir" to create the area in /home, and then use chown to modify the ownership of the directory.
      • Please do not use the builtin useradd function as that creates local accounts which then become difficult to manage.