Email Directory Service (LDAP)

The Computing and Networking Infrasctructure (CNI) group provides Jefferson Lab (JLab) with an email directory service that is available for use by conforming email clients, which include Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook.

The service provides automatic look-up of names, phone numbers, and email addresses of JLab personnel. Your mail program must be able to use the standard "light-weight directory access protocol" (LDAP).

To add directory services to Mozilla (Thunderbird) email clients, do the following:

  • Enter "JLab Directory Server" in the Name: field
  • Enter "" as the LDAP server in the Hostname: field
  • Enter "o=Jefferson Lab, c=US" in the Base DN: field
  • Enter "389" in the Port Number: field
  • DO NOT check the "Use secure connection (SSL)" box!
  1. Open your email client and log in with your JLab password
  2. From the Tools menu, open "Account Settings..."
  3. Select "Composition & Addressing" on the left
  4. Select the radio button for Use a different LDAP server: and hit the 'Edit Directories' button
  5. Hit the 'Add' button and enter the following information:
  6. Hit 'OK' to accept the values
  7. Hit 'OK' again to accept and exit the preceding box
  8. Then, select the "JLab Direcotry Server" from the drop down menu
  9. Hit 'OK' again to exit Account Settings.
  10. Finally, exit your email client and log back in to ensure the changes take effect

To add the directory services for Outlook do the following:

  1. From Outlook's main page, follow this path: Tools -> Accounts -> Directory Service -> Add -> Directory Service
  2. Enter "" (leave the "log on" option UNSELECTED).
  3. Select "yes" for "check address."
  4. Enter "JLab Directory Server" for "friendly name."
  5. Finish
  6. In the Directory Service window, select "Advanced."
  7. Leave "port" as 389.
  8. Enter "o=Jefferson Lab, c=US" for "search base."
  9. Click OK then Close.

Your email composer and address book will now be able to get information directly from our directory service server. For other LDAP-compatible clients, the procedure should be similar.  If you have trouble with the setup feel free to contact the IT Division Help Desk.