Pidgin Setup

When you first start Pidgin, you will be greeted with a welcome screen. Click the Add button to proceed to entering the account details.

Once you've clicked Add, you will be presented with a Modify Account window.

Basic Tab

  • Protocol drop-down box, select XMPP
  • Screen name field, enter your JLab username
  • Domain field, enter
  • Resource field, enter a short description of your location. For instance, Office or Laptop
  • Leave the Password field blank
  • In the Local alias field, enter what name you would like to have shown in your chats. NOTE: This only affects your chats, not the chats of other users.
  • Do not check Remember password

Advanced Tab

  • Connect port field, enter 5222
  • Connect server field, enter
  • At this point, your account information is complete. Click Add.

Once your account is saved, you must bring it online by putting a check in the checkbox next to the account in the Accounts window