Messages Setup

Enter Your Account Details

Open Messages from the Dock or from the Go > Applications menu.

Click Messages on the Menu Bar and go to Preferences this should leave you on the accounts page. Click the plus in the bottom left of the screen.

Once you've clicked the plus, you will be asked which type of account you would like to add. Select "Other messages account..." and then click Continue.

In the Account Type box, select Jabber Account

In the Account Name field, enter your JLAB email address

In the Password field, enter your JLab CUE Password

In the Server field, enter

In the Port field, enter 5222

At this point, your account information is complete and should look similar to the example Configuration Window Below. Click Create.

You will the be prompted to Accept the certificate for the Server. Click Continue.

Messages will now inform you that you are about to connect via an unsecured method. Click Continue.

Example Configuration Window

messagessetup.png90.66 KB