Instant Messaging (JTalk)

About the server

Jabber is a protocol designed for instant messaging. All users of Jefferson Lab (JLab) are able to use this server to communicate with peers quite easily. All you need is an XMPP-compatible client.

Jabber features of note are: displaying a Status message to users on your contact list (Away, Extended Away, Available, DND, etc) and Multi-user chat rooms (conferencing).

Recommended Client

Pidgin is probably the most widely available chat client for Windows and Linux, and is also the most up-to-date client. Within CUE, Linux users can find Pidgin by running 'pidgin' and Windows users can install Pidgin from "L:\jabber\pidgin".
macOS ships with Messages and works fine for macOS 10.13 and earlier. For macOS users running 10.14+, Please download and install the latest version of Adium from .

You wil need administrative rights on your computer to install a client. For assistance with installation, please do not hesitate to contact the IT Division Help Desk.

Creating a conference room

Everyone is allowed to create a conference room. Depending on the client, room creation varies. Typically, room creation is handled from File> Join Group Chat (or similar). Once this group chat screen is open, enter the conference room name (alphanumeric only) and password (optional) and the room will be created if it does not already exist.

Quick Information

Use this information if you just need the configuration information.

Note: You should no longer need to use "" anywhere in your configuration. In most clients you only need to leave the "server" field blank and your username or JID should be identical to your JLab email address.


Server (If needed)

Password JLab CUE password
Port 5222 This should be the default
Resource One word description of where you are
Conference server (usually default)