Policy for JSA Furnished Phones

Jefferson Science Associates (JSA) staff with demanding work-related requirements for mobile voice or texting may request a JSA issued voice and text cell phone for official business use.  Official business criteria for JSA issued phones include:

  • Employees with operational duties that require 24/7 connectivity with other lab employees or lab systems;
  • Employees with security-related job duties to prevent exposure of suspect or sensitive information on personal devices;
  • Employees with public-facing job duties to prevent disclosure of personal numbers;
  • Exceptions must be approved by the Lab Director.

To request a JSA issued device employees should complete the request form at:


Supervisors should approve only those requests that meet the criteria for a JSA issued device and ensure their employees understand the device is issued for official business only, and is not a replacement or substitute for a personally owned device.  Additional justification is required to add a data plan to JSA issued devices.

NOTE:  The use of rotating phones for on-call personnel is highly recommended.

Travel Phones remain available for DOE sponsored travel.  Please review the Taking Laptops on Foreign Travel for rules regarding JSA provided devices used for travel.

Cell Phone Stipend Program

As of June 1, 2017, the cell phone stipend program ended.  Phone numbers previously associated with a stipend are no longer accessible by all JSA staff.  Contact functions through JList to the device will remain available.  Please visit the JLab Paging Instructions webpage for information on paging from the web, alphanumeric paging, and numeric/digital paging.