JLab RHEL Printing

NOTE: DO NOTE USE PDQ(This has been deprecated)

Server: jlabcups.jlab.org

Info:  Jefferson Lab(JLab) RHEL Printing involves running a script that installs all printers on site. This is automatically done during the CUE(Common User Environment) build process, you can test this on your system by running lpstat -a to list the printers available. We do not support individual printer installs for JLab RHEL systems.

If for some reason you are unable to get the list of printers by running lpstat -a try the steps below based on wheyher your a level 1 or 2 build:

For Level 1 Builds (CC manages Root)  For Level 2 Builds(You manage root)  
  1. Please contact the helpdesk and we will run a script to add all JLab Printers to your machine
  1. Click Applications
  2. Click Accesories
  3. Open up terminal.
  4. Run the command "sudo sh /site/bin/install_cups.pl" without the quotes                          



To print to one of these printers run the following command:

>lp -d <printername> <filename>  

*Where <printername> is the name of the printer you're trying to print to without <>   eg. cs06

*And <filename> is the name of the file you're trying to print with the file extension and without the <>  eg. mydata.pdf