Cisco Jabber - Windows installation for JLab-owned computers

This article explains how to install the Cisco Jabber application on a JLab-owned Windows computer.  If you do not have administrative rights on your computer, this is the only installation method that will work.  If you need have any questions about the procedure below, please contact the IT Division Help Desk.

  1. In order for this procedure to work, you must be connected to the JLab network.
    • If you are off-site, please connect to the VPN before continuing to step 2.
  2. From your Windows desktop, open the Control Panel and change the View to ”Small icons”.


  3. From the List, find Configuration Manager and open it.


  4. From the Configuration Manager Properties box, select the Actions tab.  Then select Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle and click the Run Now button.


  5. Open Software Center.


  6. Select the Cisco Jabber icon and click Install.
        * If you do not see the Cisco Jabber icon, repeat step 4 and wait 10 minutes before proceeding to Step 5.



  7. After the installation is complete, please click here to return to the main Cisco Jabber Setup page for details about how to login and use Jabber.