Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber is software that enables JLab staff to make and receive phone calls from a computer or mobile app whether on- or off-site.   This allows JLab staff to use their office phone number and voicemail when working remotely.

The Cisco Jabber desktop software is supported on Windows and Mac computers.  The Cisco Jabber mobile app is supported on iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices.

Getting Started

To start using Jabber, please submit a ServiceNow incident under the Telecommunications category so that your account and device(s) can be setup.  In that request, please include the following information:

  1. Do you want to use the desktop app (Windows/Mac), mobile app (iPhone/iPad/Android) or both?
  2. If you choose mobile, will this be used on an iOS or Android device?
    (you do not need to include your mobile phone number)

Download and Setup Jabber

Once your device has been setup on the server, you can download the Cisco Jabber app from the following locations:

  • Download the desktop app for Mac or Windows (here)
    • Note:  If you do not have admin rights on your JLab-owned Windows computer, please follow the instructions found here.
  • Download the mobile app from the app store on your device, just search for "Cisco Jabber"

Once Jabber has been installed on your device, follow these steps to login:

  1. Launch the Cisco Jabber desktop or mobile app
  2. When you open Jabber for the first time, you will need to provide your full JLab email address so it can connect to the correct servers.
  3. Once the app communicates with the JLab servers, it will display username and password fields.
    • In the username field, enter your JLab username only, not your JLab email address (even though your email address may already be filled in)
    • In the password field, enter your JLab CUE password
    • Click "Sign In"
  4. After a successful login, you will need to accept the following E911 disclaimer message before using the app:

    Calling 911 (emergency services) from Cisco Jabber is NOT recommended.
    The application may not provide timely or accurate location data, and may cause calls to be misdirected to the wrong emergency response center.
    In the event of an emergency, please use a landline or mobile phone to dial 911. Only dial using Cisco Jabber if no other options are available.

Get Support

For additional documentation about how to setup and use the Cisco Jabber app, please visit the Cisco Help Center for Jabber

Note:  Our Jabber clients are configured in Phone-only mode so the Chatting/Messaging features of Jabber are not enabled.  All messaging should be done through Microsoft Teams.

If you need assistance with the setup or use of Cisco Jabber, please submit a ServiceNow incident or contact the IT Division Help Desk.