iOS-based Device Configuration at JLab

The following instructions describe how to connect your iOS-based mobile device to the Jefferson Lab (JLab) wireless network.  Currently, connecting to the 'jlab' wireless network is the only supported configuration due to issues involving certificate management.  This may change in the future, if it does it will be documented here as well.

To connect to the JLab network:

1: Tap Settings > Wi-Fi

2: When Wi-Fi is on, your device will automatically search for available Wi-Fi networks

3: Tap the name of your desired Wi-Fi network. A password-protected network will have a lock icon to the right of the network's name

4: You will be prompted to enter the password

5: Tap Join

6: When your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, a checkmark will appear to the left of the network name. The Wi-Fi logo will also appear in the status bar at the top left of your display.


Select jlab_guest from the list that is displayed.  You will be asked for the WEP key/passphrase in order to be logged into the network.  This key is available through IT Division Help Desk for JLab users.  If the jlab_guest network does not appear in the list of available networks, please contact the IT Division Help Desk.