Taking Laptops on Foreign Travel

The IT Division Help Desk provides laptops, data cards, and mobile phones to JSA employees for routine business functions while on DOE sponsored travel. Routine business functions include email, making presentations, and accessing JLab web applications.  To reserve a travel device, please email helpdesk@jlab.org as early as possible.  The email should include the traveler's name, travel destination, as well as, the intended pickup date, and return date of the equipment.   

Policy Specifications

No laptops, computers, or other DOE tagged property may be hand-carried or shipped out of the United States without prior written authorization of the Property Officer and a written release by the Export Control Officer.  This includes the designated travel laptops available from the IT Division Help Desk.  See the Property Management Policy and Procedures manual for more information.

JSA employees that require a laptop computer or other device for data collection or analysis while on DOE sponsored travel to another scientific facility are required to use appropriately configured and controlled JSA issued and DOE tagged equipment.  It is the responsibility of each line organization to plan for and provide such equipment to their traveling staff members.  The IT Division does not maintain an inventory of devices configured for data collection or analysis.

JSA employees accept all risks associated with the loss, damage, theft, or misuse of personally owned devices and data while on official business travel.  Employees that intentionally use personal devices to circumvent Lab policy regarding the use of personally owned devices for laboratory business are subject to disciplinary action.

All Lab policies regarding the use and configuration of Lab computers apply while on travel.  In certain cases, additional security controls may be required to take a computer on travel.  Circumventing, disabling, or modifying security configurations and security software on any Lab computer system, including travel laptops, is prohibited.

Only designated travel laptops available from the IT Division Help Desk are allowed to be taken on travel when visiting a sensitive country.  For information on Sensitive Countries, please contact Sue Ewing at 757-269-7687.

Laptops that contain sensitive information or are used for sensitive work cannot be taken on foreign travel.  See the Security Plan for Protection of Sensitive Information document for information on sensitive information.
When traveling to a non-sensitive country, it is suggested that travel laptops from the IT Division Help Desk be taken as a best business practice.  However, laptops that do not contain sensitive information, and are used only for non-sensitive work, may be taken on travel to non-sensitive countries.

When crossing international borders, travelers should cooperate and comply with instructions from US or Foreign Custom and Border Protection (CBP) Agents.  While extremely unlikely to occur, if asked to surrender or unlock government furnished equipment (GFE), travelers should:

  • Verify the agent’s credentials and make a note of their name
  • Inform the agent that you are employed by Jefferson Science Associates and that the device is US Government property.
  • Comply with all requests
  • If the device is confiscated, obtain a receipt
  • Notify Brian Hanlon at 757-269-7548 as soon as feasible, reporting the country, border crossing or airport and any other relevant information
  • If the equipment was removed from your possession, power it off.

Quick overview for determining if a designated travel laptop is required for foreign travel.

To Non-Sensitive Countries

Allowed for travel to non-sensitive countries

Not allowed for travel to non-sensitive countries

  • laboratory laptops used for sensitive work

To Sensitive Countries

Allowed for travel to sensitive countries

Not allowed for travel to sensitive countries

  • laboratory laptops used for sensitive work
  • laboratory laptops used for non-sensitive work