Saving EPEAT Product Detail Page

Beginning October 1, 2008, when procuring a desktop computer, laptop computer, computer monitor, or other imaging equipment, (such as a scanner or fax machine) only Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT)-registered products rated SILVER or above may be procured.  Other products may be considered for purchase only if no EPEAT-registered products meet the user's functional requirements.

To find out if a system is EPEAT compliant, you must search the EPEAT registry, save the entry, and attach it to your PR.  If you have the model number, you can start your search at  However, if the model is in the EPEAT registry, google produces a much quicker result. 

  1. Determine the model number of this system (Example: Dell OptiPlex 9020)
  2. Go to search for: <model name>
  3. Click on the first link that starts with

The model must be listed as EPEAT silver or higher with a product status of 'Active'.  If the product status is listed as 'Archived', then the system is no longer EPEAT compliant.  This means it can't be purchased.

Once you have your EPEAT page, go to File and Save As.  The default file type from your browser should be .html or .htm.  The EPEAT.htm file must be attached to the PR for your machine purchase.

If you have any issues saving the EPEAT page, please contact the IT Division Help Desk for further assistance.