JLab Email


If you are a Jefferson Lab (JLab) employee, your Email and Calendar is in Office 365 (O365).

The information below is for the dovecot systems; not O365.  Please visit the O365 webpages for information and instructions on the O365 email and calendar system.

After receiving your Jefferson Lab (JLab) computer user account, you will be capable of using the electronic mail (email) services provided by the Computing and Networking Infrastructure (CNI) group.  Your assigned username and password will allow you to retrieve and send email through the JLab mail server.

An e-mail message is a record if it documents JLab's mission or provides evidence of a JLab business transaction.  Visit Records Management for guidelines on handling email records.

Please find links below on for detailed instructions on configuring your JLab email, off-site usage, email maintenance (how to keep your email from bogging down), which includes our size limitations, and spam filters.  For advanced users, please see our Quick Instructions below for ther server names and settings for your JLab email account.

Quick Instructions

 Server Setting  Protocol/Server Name  Authentication Type Port
 Server Type  IMAP  N/A  
 Incoming Server*  mail.jlab.org  SSL 993
 Outgoing Server  smtpmail.jlab.org  No 25
 Outgoing Server for Off-site, Laptops, and/or Cell Phones  smail.jlab.org  SSL 465


NOTE:  The information on this page is for the legacy JLAB email system.

Most JLAB physics users still use the legacy email system.   Only JLAB staff have O365 (Microsoft Office 365) accounts.

Mailing Lists, Vacation Emails, and Forwarding

You may visit Mailing Lists for information on mailing list at JLab.  Please use the Vacation Email Utility or Mail Forward Utility to configure an automatic vacation message or forward your JLab email to an outside email address.  You will need to login with your current JLab username and password to access these utilities.

Size Limit

The email size limit is 20MB.  This means you shouldn't attach files any larger than 20MB to JLab emails.  They may not reach their destination if they're too large.