Connect to Wireless Using 'eduroam'

Jefferson Lab (JLab) is now participating in eduroam – a global wireless network access service for research and education institutions.  Eduroam is a federated authentication service that allows participating institutions to provide wireless access to users from other participating institutions using their home institution’s username and password.  These credentials are transmitted securely back to their home institution’s authentication servers for verification.  Once authenticated, a visiting user will be placed on a guest network at the host institution and will have Internet access.

If you have a JLab computer user account, connecting to the wireless network 'eduroam' on-site is equivalent to connecting to the wireless network 'jlab'.  Your device will be given appropriate network access based on its registration in our central database.  When traveling to a eduroam participating institution, you can instantly connect to the wireless network eduroam using your JLab email address ( and password to gain Internet access.

NOTE:  When connecting to eduroam, you MUST use your JLab email address as in the username field so that the authentication request is forwarded properly.

Eduroam is available at more than 12,000 locations worldwide, including more than 450 colleges, universities, and research facilities in the United States.

For more information about eduroam and a list of participating institutions, please visit: